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Progressive Livestock Marketing's sole aim is to maximise producers' returns when marketing their livestock.

After twenty-six years in the livestock buying business with both major processors, Matthew is pleased to be able to now work on the side of the producer and repay the loyalty shown to him over his career. 

Progressive Livestock Marketing will control enough numbers to be fully aware of market trends every week, commanding the attention of all processors and feedlots.  Matthew will work to ensure optimum results are achieved for every client. 


Being able to buy your store cattle in, as well as market your finished product out is a responsibility Matthew takes very seriously.  

Having purchased hundreds of cattle weekly and having those results analysed by himself and others over twenty-six years have given Matthew insight and experience rarely achieved in this industry.


Operating in the paddock and saleyards, Matthew will endeavour to supply you with the best article for the job at the most affordable price.   



Having operated his own stud Brahman enterprise with wife Fiona over twenty-five years, Matthew's personal interest in seedstock production combined with over twenty-five years of meatworks cattle buying gives him a well-rounded and thorough appreciation of the Australian beef industry.

Visually appraising and purchasing approximately 50,000 cattle annually, and then having access to their feedback results has given Matthew a detailed understanding of what traits are necessary in today’s industry.

With an avid interest in genetics, genomics and the use of data driven technologies, Matthew has the knowledge, experience and passion to benefit your operation. 





Both Matthew and Fiona have undertaken extensive training in bovine artificial breeding and are both competent Embryo Transfer Technicians, regularly asked to undertake extensive ET programs country-wide, with a large amount of work performed with Angus cattle in Victoria. 


Matthew is also an adept preg-tester (ultra-sound and manual), also experienced in ovarian scanning, as well as Artificial Insemination, with vast experience and knowledge of Fixed Time programs.

Matthew is available to assist with the organisation of your artificial breeding program and also the practical undertaking of Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer Programs and IVF embryo transfers. 

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